Stories of people with disabilities directing their own lives, with the people who love them, inspire our work. Their resilience, and the creativity they require to live each day in a world that has been designed to exclude them, motivates us. 
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Our videos are created to share the  wisdom of people engaged in change efforts: people with disabilities discovering what it means to be in charge of their own lives, living as citizens in their communities; service providers and funding systems discovering what it means to support people who "self-direct" their services and supports; and leaders in thought and practice who we continue to learn from.
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We are constantly learning from the people and places where we get to work. Our blog is a place to share our discoveries, and the questions that keep us moving forward.
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Things to think about...

Segregation in groups homes, day programs, sheltered works, and yes still, in institutions, is not only legal, but often remains as the preferred structure that we confine people in.

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Our work is supporting ongoing CREATIVE CHANGE.
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Healthy communities makes room for the FULL PARTICIPATION 
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of all of its members. 
We need communities that can welcome diverse gifts , knowledge and experience,
including those that people with disabilities can offer.

We need people with disabilities
to dream and imagine the future,
direct their own lives,
and make their contributions.

Neighbours International commits to the asset based focus,  and 
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that work for each of us,
in the communities where we live.

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