Pros and cons, legal and health considerations for going abroad with your service animal
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Le Courtone Optical Croissant Coq Gs White Sportif You are taking the leap to go abroad and naturally you want to bring along your service animal or guide dog on this adventure. However, you may wonder what arrangements will be needed. Or, if bringing your animal companion is a good idea or not. Feral dogs in the destination country and other considerations on how to keep your guide dog or service animal healthy overseas can help when deciding.

Le Optical Croissant White Courtone Gs Coq Sportif If you are bringing a guide dog or service animal with you, learn about your rights and restrictions both when flying internationally and once you arrive in the destination. Make arrangements for your guide dog or service animal well ahead of time, since required documentation and vaccinations for a guide dog or service animal can take weeks or even months. In some situations, it may be illegal to import a service animal or guide dog into the destination country without a quarantine process.

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